What We Offer

We have Something For all skill levels


Virtual Shots virtual shooting range brings Law Enforcement grade simulation systems to the public. These systems are 100% safe using IR laser technology instead of live ammunition. You can choose from hundreds of different scenarios to match your shooting experience level. We have fun games, Balloon Safari, Bottle Shoot, The Pirate Ship, and The Saloon, to name a few. Hunters can try their hand at Roe Deer Hunter, Xtreme Squirrel Hunter, Full Boar, Mallard Madness, and more. Concealed carry permit holders can develop judgement, confidence, and skill with our Personal Protection shoot / don’t shoot scenarios. We even have Zombies to exterminate and Wild West gunfighters to go up against. The simulation systems are a great way to introduce new or inexperienced shooters to proper firearms handling and safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We offer NRA certified classes in Home Firearm Safety, Basics of Pistol Shooting, and Pistol Marksman Simulator as well as TN Department of Safety certified Tennessee Handgun Carry permit class



Up to 4 Shooters in One Bay
15 Minute Session
$15 first shooter, $5 additional shooters
30 Minute Session
$30 first shooter, $10 additional shooters
1 Hour Session
$50 first shooter, $15 additional shooters


 Includes training pistols.  Upgraded weapons at additional charge.