Virtual Shots  is Clarksville’s only all virtual gun range. 

NO LIVE FIRE. It’s 100% safe and 100% fun for all ages and skill levels.  We offer real guns that have been modified for simulation with laser technology.

  If you have never held a gun or if you are an expert marksman, you will have a blast at Virtual Shots!  Up to four individuals can shoot together in one room.  Shoot zombies, quick draw against outlaws, play carnival style games.

Virtual Shots now offers the following classes: TN Handgun Carry Permit, NRA Home Firearm Safety, NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, and NRA Pistol Marksman Simulator. 

We can even bring the range to you! 











Shane Clapp

Clarksville, TN


“For starters I had a blast. A very fun and friendly place. Fun for adults and children. I will go back!”

casey johnson

Clarksville, TN


“Virtual Shots is great for all ages! The guns are realistic in weight and size, but completely harmless. Also tons of shooting scenes to choose from. I’m honestly not sure who enjoyed it more, my husband or son (8 yrs. old).”

chris huff

Clarksville, TN


“Awesome place for a family fun day or friends getting together! Fun for all ages.”

Ashley sellers

Clarksville, TN


“Virtual Shots was so much fun! So innovative and exciting! It’s just what Clarksville needed! A fun, family environment! I will definitely be back! ”